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Active Since: Jan 1, 2019
Last active: 4mins ago

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Rank: Colonel
Class: Commander
Score: 3598
Honor: 81(38)
Diplomacy: 1000(0)
Games: 426
Turns Taken: 3267


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Opponents defeated: 639
Current streak: 5
Longest win streak: 42
Longest losing streak: 23


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Gender: Female
Location: Toronto Canada
Favorite Settings: team escalate games
Favorite Map:
Interests: downhill skiing, salsa dancing and torturing physics students.....oops I mean teaching
Quote: “I never lose. I either win or learn.” – Nelson Mandela


Tue Jun 4 08:00:22 2019
I’m just finishing up my 5th month here and I noticed that many players have these interesting superstitions/strategies…for example, no blitzing when clearing the board, only deploying in the first round...etc. Afterall, this game is a based on chance….why not develop some superstitions or some sacrifices/offerings to the dice gods? Apparently, Bluebonnet offers bluebonnets (the flower) every Thursday nights to appease the dice gods….really just ask him!

Well, I figured I would have some fun….try to instill fear into my opponents without actually doing anything different. Afterall, I’m not superstitious or overly religious in anyway. So, one day, I was teamed up with th-child, dorcee & ericjkline on the British isles map. We needed some sets to come in desperately. We were about halfway through the game, when I decided to crack a bad joke to change our luck…maybe appease the dice gods or cards (since it was a fixed force game). Anyway, our luck did change, and we won that game. That was the birth of the “Periwinkle half-time tradition!” This is where I tell a bad joke, approximately halfway through the game to bring luck to me and my teamies!

There are other periwinkle-isms or Lucky Charms that others have bestowed on me….

Periwinkle Lucky Dust: Thanks to BroncoBlue for that one! I sprinkle my “Periwinkle Lucky Dust” on whatever tert that needs fire…either for defence or attack. Sprinkle, Sprinkle!

Peri Peri Hot Sauce: Thanks to Clarkenfeld! Both him and engelbrekt1390 typically have an icy first round attack. So, you take some “Peri Peri Hot Sauce” to prevent ice on the first-round attack. It’s made from that Periwinkle Lucky Dust you know…highly concentrated stuff! It was brought to my attention by both Clarkenfeld & bluebonnet that this sauce did indeed exist! Apparently it is a potion for warriors! Check it out!

Periwinkle Hot Blitz Button: This is when I notice that my blitz button has a fire streak to it. This is inherent in all random chance games (some players think the dice is rigged…no, it’s not. It is just the nature of randomness). True randomness in the dice with have unusually long winning or losing streaks. So just take advantage when you can and play accordingly.

Periwinkle Lucky Fairy: Thanks to Engelbrekt1390! This is when I’m on the same team as you…I bring luck to everyone and we win!

Darth Peri: Thanks to Bluebonnet! This is where I instill fear in you as my opponent/enemy! ….and of course, me and my team will win! After all, I’m Darth Peri with my storm troopers by my side. :D

Operation Saving Private Peri: Thanks to Tyme1risk! This is where I am down to 1 or 2 terts and endangered of being eliminated. The team is now required to either deploy/reinf me or remove the enemy from my area. Edmondtheknight managed to save the 'damsel in distress' and successfully completed the first mission of Operation Saving Private Peri.

Peri-scope: This is no ordinary's a spyglass which Ericjkline gave me. It not only works on ships, but on land too...kinda like a crystal ball, but shaped like a diamond. So each reflection shows possible different scenarios and probabilities of the enemies' movements. It helps me predict what the enemies are doing and planning, so I can attack or defend accordingly!

So here is a challenge for the MC community…play either with me or against and come up with another periwinkle-ism and I’ll add it to the list! But it must be mentioned in a game chatter in context during a game with me and not in the comments below. Oh, if you are new…just message me and I’ll team up with you. It will be a lot of fun! Just be prepared to read a long chatter!

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

Peri ;)



clarkenfeld Image


Tue Nov 12 08:17:24 2019
There's the star. Let's get the second star.
edmondtheknight Image


Mon Nov 11 16:57:43 2019
It looks as if I'll soon be taking orders.:) Congrats!:)
engelbrekt1390 Image


Fri Nov 8 12:42:40 2019
Nice wings! Your soon a star!
Rooster513 Image


Fri Nov 8 09:13:26 2019
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