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Munitions Inspector
Active Since: Apr 17, 2019
Last active: 2mons 19days ago

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Rank: Munitions Inspector
Class: Commander
Score: 500
Honor: 86(38)
Diplomacy: 1000(0)
Games: 281
Turns Taken: 2176


No Clan Image
Opponents defeated: 338
Current streak: 0
Longest win streak: 63
Longest losing streak: 11


Map - Antiquus - Bronze Medal ImageRank - Colonel Medal ImageUDO - Consecutive - Silver Medal ImageUDO - Singles - Silver Medal Image


Age: 99
Location: Neverland
Favorite Settings: several, depends
Favorite Map:
Interests: I don't need to know everything, I just need to know how and where to get what I need, when I need it
Quote: "I love creating magic, doing something that is so strange, so unexpected, that people wonder". by M.J.

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Fri Dec 27 17:56:32 2019
6- She is here by my side doing this writing, because she came to visit me at home to ask me to do it, and we apologize for this writing in English, because it is being translated with the google translator, and it is not very accurate. She has already sent an email to the MC administration, and has not received a reply yet, and has asked me to send this statement to several "Centcom" admin players, and to several friends and battle partners, in addition to putting it in your user profile, apologizing to everyone for the inconvenience caused by it. She hopes to be here soon in one way or another, and to be able to show again that she arrived and got his position reached by playing fair, honorable, depotive and without any other account or traps of any kind. Attentively and sincerely by Moonwalk
sanjuan Image


Fri Dec 27 17:47:40 2019
5- She loves Michael J. and begs all of you not to accuse her and make a conspiracy against her as they did with Michael, that left innocent free decided by a grand jury, of all the charges they had against him, "All the people are innocents, if you don't show it y and prove it otherwise." Ask for your full support, trust, understanding and consideration, thanking you for your friendship, treatment and pleasant and fun moments that have been happening with all of you, and I would never wish to lose sight of you.
sanjuan Image


Fri Dec 27 17:36:38 2019
4- She had recently updated from membership of strategist to commander, and does not ask for her refund or reimbursement of the invested, since that does not matter, what she begs is that they do not force her to create a new account with a new user, because she would if she has no choice, or do not consider their readmission by the administrators, since she thanks, venerates and loves MC, and in all this time she had been here, she had been very happy and comfortable here, and she would like to continue for much longer enjoying and contributing more of herself.
sanjuan Image


Fri Dec 27 17:33:33 2019
3- It seems that in MC when a player passes the UDOC of 40 or 50 consecutive games won, it is cause for suspicion or being in violation of some rule, being investigated and prohibited for any reason. I do not know if it is true, but it gives that feeling, although there are several that pass from the 100 consecutive games in the ranking, but it can be in time back. She does not doubt the work, effort and dedication that Mr. Administrator Centcom "Redstorm" carries and performs at MC, since he is worthy of admiring and respecting his work here. He does not discuss or disagree with his criteria and decision to ban Moon and his neighbor in MC, but if he asks you to be comprehensive, considerate, and check, review and analyze each and every one of his games and his trajectory here, and can be considered Its reactivation.
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