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Executive General
Active Since: Jul 27, 2013
Last active: 4hrs 17mins ago

Awards and Achievement Stats

Highest Score:
Highest Rank:
Total Medals:

Rank and Stats

Rank Image
Rank: Executive General
Class: Strategist
Score: 4372
Honor: 61(128)
Diplomacy: 1000(0)
Games: 1364
Turns Taken: 15020


Generals Image
The Borg Image
Whiners and CryBabies Image
Opponents defeated: 1570
Current streak: 0
Longest win streak: 31
Longest losing streak: 22


Map - Antiquus - Silver Medal ImageMap - Mars - Silver Medal ImageMap - Rivals of Rome - Silver Medal ImageMap - South America - Silver Medal Image

Tour Of Duty Ribbons

Event: The Changing of the Guard Tour Of Duty Badge Image


Gender: Male
Location: Living in Taiwan
Favorite Settings: Escalate
Favorite Map: Rivals of Rome
Interests: Chess, Poker, Fantasy Sports, Novels, Travel
Quote: "You know Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don't help."

Current Games

Classic Antiquus: 5/5 : Game: 369579

Duck & Cover: 4/4 : Game: 366062

Europe Massive: 12/12 : Game: 363544

Mesopotamia: 7/7 : Game: 363036

Cold War Europe: 4/4 : Game: 361310

The Twelve Domains: 8/8 : Game: 360669

The Twelve Domains: 6/6 : Game: 359868

Classic Massive: 7/7 : Game: 355015

Europe Massive: 12/12 : Game: 326362


Tue Jan 3 19:45:58 2017
Friday November 25th 2016 Pencil - bucket list - cross out - satisfaction January 4th 2017: Scoreboard 5th 4389



Tyro Image


Wed Jan 4 08:34:10 2017
Ooooohhhh, your star is growing! Congratulations buddy.
Eduardoperezc Image


Tue Jan 3 02:32:32 2017
Congrats on the spiky thing too!! :)
Redstorm Image


Sun Nov 27 13:50:16 2016
congrats on the star well done
masterjskye Image


Fri Nov 25 10:46:32 2016
Nice star Swash! Congratulations =)
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