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Charge Captain
Active Since: Jul 25, 2010
Last active: 3mins ago

Awards and Achievement Stats

Highest Score:
Highest Rank:
Total Medals:

Rank and Stats

Rank Image
Rank: Charge Captain
Class: Centcom
Score: 2994
Honor: 84(88)
Diplomacy: 1000(0)
Games: 1280
Turns Taken: 12307


DevCom Image
MajCom Play Testers Image
Generals Image
Central Command Image
Opponents defeated: 1736
Current streak: 0
Longest win streak: 30
Longest losing streak: 17


Map - Balkan Peninsula - Silver Medal ImageRank - General Medal ImageUDO - Quads - Silver Medal ImageUDO - Singles - Gold Medal Image

Tour Of Duty Ribbons

Heavy weight GC Tour Of Duty Badge ImageEvent: The Changing of the Guard Tour Of Duty Badge Image1v1 Gold Champion Tour Of Duty Badge Image

Service Awards

Beta-Silver Service Award ImageBronze Donor Service Award Image


Age: 43
Gender: Male
Location: Colorado
Favorite Settings: Escalate, Path, Three
Favorite Map: Conflict Africa
Interests: Snowboarding, Soccer, Hiking, Geocaching
Quote: "Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand."

Awaiting Games

This user is not currently waiting to play any games

Current Games

South America: 2/2 : Game: 369042

Rivals of Rome: 4/4 : Game: 368771

Mars: 4/4 : Game: 368769

Conflict Africa: 4/4 : Game: 368768

Conflict Africa: 4/4 : Game: 368767

Conflict Africa: 4/4 : Game: 368766

Conflict Africa: 4/4 : Game: 368633

Rivals of Rome: 4/4 : Game: 368632

Mars: 4/4 : Game: 368631

Conflict Africa: 4/4 : Game: 368629

Middle East: 4/4 : Game: 368628

Middle East: 4/4 : Game: 368627

South America: 4/4 : Game: 368504


Sun Jan 3 11:39:28 2016



dorcee Image


Sun Nov 22 16:44:41 2015
Congrats for the League win! :)
masterjskye Image


Sun Nov 22 10:37:55 2015
Congratulations on winning the Gold League and making General! You deserve it man - welcome to the gang!
Biosphere Image


Fri Aug 21 15:23:57 2015
nice win in the 10player england game man
gtivan Image


Fri Aug 1 17:43:55 2014
Now that is a dang fine and INTIMIDATING avatar!
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