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Senate Colonel
Active Since: May 12, 2013
Last active: 42mins ago

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Rank and Stats

Rank Image
Rank: Senate Colonel
Class: Commander
Score: 3813
Honor: 69(126)
Diplomacy: 1000(0)
Games: 706
Turns Taken: 8306


League of Shadows Image
MajCom Play Testers Image
The Borg Image
Opponents defeated: 1659
Current streak: 6
Longest win streak: 103
Longest losing streak: 19


Map - Classic Massive - Silver Medal ImageRank - Colonel Medal ImageUDO - Consecutive - Silver Medal ImageUDO - Total - Silver Medal Image

Tour Of Duty Ribbons

Event: The Changing of the Guard Tour Of Duty Badge Image

Service Awards

Gold Donor Service Award Image


Age: 99
Gender: Male
Location: The wide-open Prairies of Vancouver, BC
Favorite Settings: Flat Rate
Favorite Map: Classic Massive
Interests: MajCom
Quote: If I miss a turn, then I'm dead, so just carry on fine lads... just carry on, and don't ask me to skip if someone misses, cause my answer will be... just carry on! (edit: ...unless it's one of my buds!)


Sun Jan 1 17:52:58 2017

High Score 3972! Jan 1, 2017

High Score 3864 & 103 CDO :) Dec. 8, 2016



Malpot Image


Thu Dec 8 10:32:38 2016
103 is a great run!
Redstorm Image


Thu Dec 8 09:03:19 2016
nice run.
Tyro Image


Thu Dec 8 03:47:08 2016
Wow, a streak of 103! Simply amazing, fantastic and awesome.
Malpot Image


Tue Dec 6 15:43:13 2016
I had to hit 109 to get my gold CUDO medal...
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