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Warrant Officer
Active Since: Feb 28, 2020
Last active: 8hrs 11mins ago

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Highest Rank:
Total Medals:

Rank and Stats

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Rank: Warrant Officer
Class: Commander
Score: 2200
Honor: 88(18)
Diplomacy: 1000(0)
Games: 503
Turns Taken: 4354


Enemies of Diplomacy Image
'The Loaded Dice' Fixed Force Club Image
Opponents defeated: 352
Current streak: 0
Longest win streak: 20
Longest losing streak: 9


Map - Mesopotamia - Bronze Medal ImageRank - Lieutenant Medal ImageUDO - Singles - Silver Medal ImageVictory - 100 Medal Image


Gender: Male
Location: USA, Ohio
Favorite Settings: Three Border Reinforcements
Favorite Map: Mesopotamia
Interests: Philosophy, Computer Science, Random Learning
Quote: “be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet"

Current Games

Mesopotamia: 2/2 : Game: 536320

Classic Evolved: 2/2 : Game: 536319

Classic Evolved: 2/2 : Game: 536312

Mesopotamia: 2/2 : Game: 536304

Classic Evolved: 4/4 : Game: 536301

Classic Evolved: 4/4 : Game: 536145

Mesopotamia: 2/2 : Game: 536144

Classic Evolved: 2/2 : Game: 536138

Classic Evolved: 4/4 : Game: 536137

Mesopotamia: 2/2 : Game: 536134

Classic Evolved: 4/4 : Game: 536115

Classic Evolved: 4/4 : Game: 536053

Classic Evolved: 2/2 : Game: 536052

Mesopotamia: 2/2 : Game: 536050

The Twelve Domains: 12/12 : Game: 536033

Classic Massive: 12/12 : Game: 536028

Classic Evolved: 8/8 : Game: 536027

Classic Evolved: 4/4 : Game: 535868

Rivals of Rome: 24/24 : Game: 528544

Philippines: 12/12 : Game: 527045

The British Isles: 24/24 : Game: 493224


Fri Apr 24 11:23:44 2020
“Life is fair. We all get the same nine-month shake in the box, and then the dice roll. Some people get a run of sevens. Some people, unfortunately, get snake-eyes. Its just how the world is.”



engelbrekt1390 Image


Sat May 30 01:32:08 2020
I noticed you asked jeff for advise 12d. If info is just to one person better ask in pl inbox ( not comment below)or if its to whole team use gamechatter to team. Ok. See you later Engel Sweden
engelbrekt1390 Image


Sat May 30 01:27:23 2020
That quote you have is the word of Mr president V Putin. Just change word kill for fight. He told his advisors exactly that on a meeting. He also added " and always be ready to strike first". LOL He have black belt un judo and are trained in unarmed close combat at KGB camp.. Dangerous serious person . Not a clown like some other big leaders and mr P is not good for my little country Sweden.. Russia sent lots of agents and do lots of info/IT warfare. But nevertheless a smart bastard. And he drop many fun quotes. Btw.. I also noticed your S King text. Im a big fan. At moment I read The Mercedesman ( Hodges) trilogy. In fact I changed my volvo for a big mercedes yesterday.. But Im not crazy as the mercedesman... LOL. OK if you plan to stay in MC we can play a doubble if you like Map?
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