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Active Since: Mar 24, 2011
Last active: 8hrs 47mins ago

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Rank and Stats

Rank Image
Rank: Sergeant
Class: Commander
Score: 1831
Honor: 64(376)
Diplomacy: 1000(0)
Games: 7484
Turns Taken: 70668


MajCom Play Testers Image
The Duellers Society Image
'The Loaded Dice' Fixed Force Club Image
Opponents defeated: 5240
Current streak: 6
Longest win streak: 26
Longest losing streak: 51


Map - 1984 - Silver Medal ImageMap - Mesopotamia - Silver Medal ImageMap - Mini - Gold Medal ImageMap - Sea of Japan - Silver Medal Image

Tour Of Duty Ribbons

Event: The Changing of the Guard Tour Of Duty Badge ImageSurvivor MajCom Season 4: Revitalized Tour Of Duty Badge ImageMaster of Maps: Conquer The World Tour Of Duty Badge Image

Service Awards

Light in the the Darkness Service Award ImageOnyx Donor Service Award ImageWhite Donor Service Award ImageMap Playtester Service Award Image


Age: 51
Gender: Male
Location: laconia new hampshire usa
Favorite Settings: 2 player,one moves anywhere
Favorite Map: Classic MINI
Interests: RISK, then everything else
Quote: fight till the end, never ever give up

Current Games

Classic Evolved: 4/4 : Game: 459487

Classic MINI: 2/2 : Game: 459416

Mexican American War: 4/4 : Game: 459228

1984: 3/3 : Game: 459110

Europe Massive: 10/10 : Game: 458983

Mars: 8/8 : Game: 458539

Conflict Africa: 6/6 : Game: 458406

The Twelve Domains: 2/2 : Game: 457084

Mesopotamia: 8/8 : Game: 456394

1984: 4/4 : Game: 456247

South America: 9/9 : Game: 455553

The Twelve Domains: 7/7 : Game: 454621

The British Isles: 12/12 : Game: 451773

Classic Massive: 12/12 : Game: 451769

Mexican American War: 12/12 : Game: 449898

North America: 24/24 : Game: 449893

Balkan Peninsula: 12/12 : Game: 449324

Sea Of Japan: 6/6 : Game: 448950

Conflict Africa: 7/7 : Game: 448847

Rivals of Rome: 24/24 : Game: 443054

Rivals of Rome: 12/12 : Game: 240860


Sat Aug 26 20:44:58 2017
Untitled Frontline Entry



riskyone Image


Mon Jul 16 13:20:08 2018
Hail PITTMAN. Congrats on joining the 5,000 kill club. Your throne awaits you sir. Red carpet and all. Lots of pretty woman cheering and it's all for you. A parade is coming to honor you. Bands, cheer leaders, the person with the batton. floats, and good food and it's all for you. You have brought honor to your part of the world.
PITMAN212 Image


Thu Jul 12 20:24:03 2018
Hail PITMAN212! The nations of Europe have been unified by your iron fist. You have defeated elricsbiscuit, Roscokov, Tapeworm, mvpoker, Stugotz, Thos, ponyboy55, matildathehun, and Melsor and gained 435 points. The road to victory took you 7 turns in 16 days 3 hours and 7 minutes. You have shown you can advance in rank as a Private First Class, but the greatest challenges are ahead.
PITMAN212 Image


Mon Mar 26 20:23:06 2018
127 PITMAN212 2382
PITMAN212 Image


Thu Mar 15 21:07:05 2018
Hail PITMAN212! To rule from sea to shining sea truly is your destiny. You have defeated elricsbiscuit, SamPaul, Stugotz, Tapeworm, kerver73, Kilgore, and miquel and gained 322 points. The road to victory took you 10 turns in 12 days 13 hours and 11 minutes. Another win for the Corporal First Class! You are becoming known to some officers for your skills.
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