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Active Since: Mar 24, 2011
Last active: 10hrs 23mins ago

Awards and Achievement Stats

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Total Medals:

Rank and Stats

Rank Image
Rank: Cadet
Class: Commander
Score: 1068
Honor: 63(387)
Diplomacy: 867(0)
Games: 7947
Turns Taken: 74649


Knights of the MC Realm Image
MajCom Play Testers Image
The Duellers Society Image
'The Loaded Dice' Fixed Force Club Image
Opponents defeated: 5515
Current streak: 0
Longest win streak: 26
Longest losing streak: 51


Map - 1984 - Silver Medal ImageMap - Mesopotamia - Silver Medal ImageMap - Mini - Gold Medal ImageMap - Sea of Japan - Silver Medal Image

Tour Of Duty Ribbons

Event: The Changing of the Guard Tour Of Duty Badge ImageSurvivor MajCom Season 4: Revitalized Tour Of Duty Badge ImageMaster of Maps: Conquer The World Tour Of Duty Badge ImageSilver Knight Primis of the MC Realm Tour Of Duty Badge ImageSilver Knight Secundus of the MC Realm Tour Of Duty Badge ImageSilver Knight Tertium of the MC Realm Tour Of Duty Badge Image

Service Awards

Light in the the Darkness Service Award ImageOnyx Donor Service Award ImageWhite Donor Service Award ImageMap Playtester Service Award Image


Age: 51
Gender: Male
Location: laconia new hampshire usa
Favorite Settings: 2 player,one moves anywhere
Favorite Map: Classic MINI
Interests: RISK, then everything else
Quote: fight till the end, never ever give up

Current Games

The British Isles: 8/8 : Game: 498169

1984: 8/8 : Game: 498166

South America: 2/2 : Game: 497704

South America: 2/2 : Game: 497703

South America: 2/2 : Game: 497702

South America: 2/2 : Game: 497701

1984: 4/4 : Game: 497083

Europe Massive: 12/12 : Game: 496782

Mexican American War: 12/12 : Game: 496629

Australia: 4/4 : Game: 496605

Barbarossa: 12/12 : Game: 495455

Europe Massive: 6/6 : Game: 494529

NUKES!: 8/8 : Game: 494393

Classic Massive: 6/6 : Game: 493962

Balkan Peninsula: 12/12 : Game: 492742

NUKES!: 2/2 : Game: 492049

The British Isles: 6/6 : Game: 489855

The Twelve Domains: 4/4 : Game: 489005

Classic Massive: 7/7 : Game: 486925

Conflict Africa: 8/8 : Game: 486917

The Twelve Domains: 12/12 : Game: 475689

Rivals of Rome: 12/12 : Game: 240860


Sat Aug 26 20:44:58 2017
Untitled Frontline Entry



halfslam Image


Sat Oct 5 01:28:48 2019
Your catching up Pitman.19 behind. Well done.
PITMAN212 Image


Fri Sep 20 15:30:34 2019
ail PITMAN212! Thank you for participating in this interactive instructional video, brought to you by the MajorCommand Civil Defense Administration. You have defeated empirejeff, BadElmer, SubwayatNight, calume, xsb1977, Augie79, Cardinalsrule, and palmono and gained 480 points. The road to victory took you 2 turns in 3 days 19 hours and 53 minutes. You have shown brief flashes of skill on the battlefield, but a private must prove themselves still.
PITMAN212 Image


Thu May 30 16:50:48 2019
ail PITMAN212! You've conquered the Kingdom of Eldir, now you are ready to battle those pesky dragons. You have defeated Worldruler2010, Redstorm, and Swashbuckler and gained 243 points. The road to victory took you 13 turns in 16 days 15 hours and 43 minutes. A rare win indeed. If you continue to fight as well as you inspect the ammo dump, you will be peeling potatoes in no time.
Tapeworm Image


Wed May 29 17:54:27 2019
I think we got this tourney game! HAHAHAHAHA
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