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Age: 36
Gender: Male
Location: Centcom
Favorite Settings: focus on conquer the world
Favorite Map: Classic Evolved
Interests: evolution live till 80's
Quote: "Rich and rare were the gems she wore, and a bright gold ring on her hand she bore." Thomas Moore

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Tue Apr 7 19:03:00 2020
War is something that tends to end bad to someone.

I have a blog post ready to be published but it is in a version improved and somehow different, the frontline is based on its first version but is taking a unique direction because i'm improving here everyday when i can, and i want to share it, i wish Sheriff doesn't mind ;)

somehow it was the way i got out from that popular think "risk is just dice" although i like to think that way when i look at the board and it's all about it...

the beginning of.. to be published...

There are diferences between risk and the royal game of chess but both have in common strategy. Taking a look in the book 'mysystem' and while into majorcommand games i couldn't avoid to think in the view on the book that is think strategicaly. I will base this write on a share of thoughts while doing a risk game and the elements of chess strategy in the first chapter of the book. So he considers the elements of chess strategy the follow:
(From chapter1 - On the center and development)
(1) The center
(2) Play in open files
(3) Play in the 7th and 8th ranks
(4) The passed pawn
(5) The pin
(6) Discovered check
(7) Exchanging
(8) The pawn chain

Here it goes
mysystem - risk
(1) the center - while thinking on the center i picture the intel tab interacting with the map that shows turn after turn the evolution of the center's that each player fight to form on the map for their interests. I could call the intel tab the development table as numerical, i can see the mirror of the center as numbers, i compare this to the heart of our army. The number of troops, regions, cards. In the map i see the important centers that each player try to develop while conquering regions, in the map they struggle for survive or ultimately reign it. While i try to win i consider the development of that three variables army, territory control, reserves cards needed to be as wisely as i can do, awaring the strength of the enemy. At the end of turn i want to get the more troops possible and develop my centers in the best regions, taking in account the objectives and strategy chosen. So i want to build a strong center, have a good troop count a good deploy. Always wishing for a set.

(2) play in open files - several times i see myself, considering paths to get somewhere and i seek to find those who are more open to assaults, my assaults have better odds(counting with deploy) crossing them. Important is find those key regions where lays a path with enemy troops that probably my troops will make happen important conquests. Paths the more vulnerable and important at the same time. The usage of paths looking at the troops in its regions where my assaults have good odds to go to other point of the map, breaking commands, having someones cards. Paths with open possibilities because of my troops having. Imagining divisions eyeing them in the next deploy. We got to think that sometimes a path ends with some others troops that not the one's we are sighting or our own and are not so open.

(3) play in 7th and 8th ranks - this one is one of the most importants concepts because is the foresight if i win or loose, got to be tough, im talking about that assaults in late rounds with decisive final battles, one of those attacks that it will be cards involved, it is important to imagine the final battles that will happen. Well sometimes someone dont have a clear advantage but have to risk, so how many troops will be in the fighting last rank, the visualization of the end scene. Are my troops able to fight at the 7th and 8th rank? The final territories. Have i got enough troops to get the final territories? It will be relevant that final cards?

(4) the passed pawn - when i think here i think in a second region way out of our center/command where it will be a second deploy and after that starts a second decisive assault. Or a reinforcemnt that will be important on the sequence of the rounds. Or that set that came that is battling against others players cards to pull troops after them and reign the board. Something that can bring a decisive outcome not to important at start and it is becoming stronger as the turns goes on.

(5) the pin - this is seeing where are the points of atrittion where great battles are to come, seeing it in a risk board i see at the borders armys pinned one with another eventualy signing diplo terms. When i see pinned pieces on a chess board they don't move to defend the king, defend a much higher objective, in risk there are commands. In a risk board can happen someone can't attack u because there is a second army pinning it another players army, well i don't need to increase the defence of the border because of that. Pinning is sawing the borders between regions of the board freezed by big stacks being different to where are big stack fights because that is a frontline. Eventualy in a game all the borders have troops pinning each other driving to a side-game or something else.

(6) discovered check - i shortly brief this concept when it happens in risk as being a surprising move a unexpected deploy, in chess is a unseen check move and some other piece have a important action, in risk i think as an unseen move that makes an not so expected blinking light from the board and makes a player to stop and need to move according to what happened. Happens when there's a threat to the enemy survival with a second force on the board unexpected, discovering a move that makes the oponnent think over the board. Cashing a set situation i consider an second important force that comes. In team games can happen see this, someone moving troops from a territory to other player discovering a important battle to his teammatem, a second force involved. So there are different types of second forces that take part of the game and make the opponent to think over is army defensively.

(7) exchanging - in this element i'll be more head on the clouds, well risk and chess, they both need troops to get territories from oponnents, in risk there are always troops in them in chess there are free squares previously after a capture needing coordination between pieces in risk the thought is similar the deploy will stand for that coordination each battle for territory with his odd. After the process of coordination, i'm talking not as a chess expert, exchange happens between these sequence of moves/battles and at the end someone looses someone wins, and there it is an exchange.

(8) the pawn chain - this personaly is my favorite i enjoy a lot to look at the board and stare at the chains of the troops controling named regions of the world.I imagine it a very important strategic glintch of the game. As i look at the board i think "there there are my troops spread on the regions(forming chains/cooperation) defending my cause" in it's importants territories dictacting where i am where i can go. And in that regions i see where i am more strong in a command what command i will fight for. Where will be the deploy of troops that will attack next turn how much troops are in each region,at the end of the turn imagining what will happen in my opponents assaults.

And considering all this strategy elements i try to do skilfull deploys and be aware of the underlying probabilities of each assault. Use the dice wisely.



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Sun Apr 5 18:10:41 2020
04/05/20 01:55 PM You have been awarded the Bronze Classic Mini achievement medal. 04/05/20 01:46 PM You won Game 488128 and a 39 loosing streak lol... I'm having alot of changes stuff lately sorry about late turns even missing ones... Tks Guys nice breaking streak with a medal :)
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Sat Mar 7 00:58:10 2020
You're needed at a tournament - please message me if you need the game link.
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Tue Oct 29 02:20:31 2019
Thanks for a great Nukes doubles 5bat! You just rolled them out! Let’s team again :)
5battalions Image


Tue Sep 3 18:06:42 2019
08/31/19 09:52 PM You have been awarded the Bronze Mars achievement medal. 08/31/19 09:05 PM You won Game 477353
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