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Major Command Risk offers three tiers of membership.

Membership Levels


Strategist (Silver)

  • $4.95 for 6 months
  • Unlocks:

Commander (Gold)

  • $9.95 for 6 months
  • Unlocks:
    • Gold rank icons
    • Unlimited games (casual and real time)
    • Start real time games
    • Join official tournaments
    • Start a clan
    • Fixed force option
    • 24 Player games
    • Up to 36 friends displayed on your profile
    • Customizable Frontline
    • Full size user picture


  • New Member: Someone who is a Grunt and purchases a Silver Strategist or Gold Commander membership. They are a New Member.
  • Upgrade: Someone who is a Silver Strategist and purchases a Gold Commander membership. They have just Upgraded.
  • Extend: Someone who is a Silver Strategist and purchases another Silver Strategist membership, or, someone who is a Gold Commander and purchases another Gold Commander membership. They have just Extended their membership.
  • Downgrade: Someone who is a Gold Commander and then purchases a Silver Strategist membership. They have just Downgraded.

What happens if I...?

  • Become a New Member: Then you will get a 6 month membership starting from the day you purchase that membership.
  • Upgrade my Membership: Then you will get refunded for any days remaining on your Silver membership, and your Gold membership will start on the day you upgrade.

For Example. If you have 2 months (61 days) left on your Silver membership, and you purchase a Gold membership, then you will pay $9.95 - $1.65 = $8.30

$9.95 (cost of Gold)
$1.65 ($4.95 cost of Silver divided by 183 days (6 months) multiplied by the 61 unused days)
$8.30 (final cost for upgrading to a 6 months Gold membership)

  • Extend my membership: Any remaining days will be added to the 6 months you just purchased.

For Example: If you have 2 months remaining on your Silver membership, and you want to purchase another Silver membership, then you will have 6 months + the remaining 2 months = resulting in 8 months total.

  • Downgrade: Then you will receive a credit for the remaining days on your Gold membership (exact details TBA)

How to Upgrade

So you want more Major Command Risk action? You want to reach for the highest of high? Here's how you can upgrade to a higher membership.

  • Go to Subscribe (a button at the bottom of any Major Command page)


  • Click the silver button (if you want to upgrade to strategist class), or click the gold button (if you want to upgrade to commander class)


  • You will be then directed to the Paypal website when you can complete the transaction with just a Credit Card, or you can use your Paypal account if you have one.

Good luck striving for world domination!

If the above method does not work, please direct all questions to The Sheriff by sending a note to his Inbox.

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Major Command Game is always working on Upgrades and Improvements - Please suport us if you can. Thank You! :-)
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