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Getting Started: Learn How to Play at Major Command

Do you want to play Risk online successfully? Do you want to win the game and conquer the world? Then reading to the bottom of this page will greatly reduce the risk of losing your first game at Major Command! However, if you are confident in your abilities to play Risk or any other strategy game, then you can join a game right now and start playing.

Before you start gaming there are two things you need to know:

  1. How to take a turn?
  2. How to Join a game?

STEP 1: How to take a turn

This helpful video will take you through the basic steps of taking a turn. WATCH IT NOW CADET!

STEP 2: How to Join a game

Now this is important! There are many game options available to you here at Major Command but there are two main types of games, casual and real time.

Casual Games. You may be unfamiliar with the casual play, but it's some damn fine gaming. Every player gets 24 hours to take their turn. "WTF! That's too damn slow!" I thought you'd say that, but here's the deal - most players are in multiple games at the same time, some even have 10 or 20 actives games on the go. But since playing a turn may only take 3 or 4 minutes, then it's not hard to take several turns a day. And the best part is, you can take your turns when ever YOU want to - with your morning coffee, during a boring lecture, while the boss isn't looking, whenever. It's the reason most players end up choosing casual games to get their strategy gaming on.

Join a Casual Game

Real Time Games. If you have got 20-60 minutes to spare, then you might want to jump into a real time game. Every player gets 3 or 5 minutes to take their turn so you better be around. The fewer the players, the quicker the game. Games with 6 or more players can last over an hour and are often won more with endurance than strategy.

Join a Real-Time Game
    • IMPORTANT: The game will only start once all the players have joined and the empty spots have filled up.

One more thing! We play civilized games of World Domination here, similar to other strategy games you might have played like Risk, Settlers of Cataan, or Axis and Allies. If you have never played any of those then read this guide for total noobs. If you have, then you're probably fit for command.

Ok, we've taken up enough of your precious internet time. If you are really looking to score some points and move up in rankage, then we suggest you watch the following video for new users. Good luck out there!

Boss General NewSheriffInTown

New User First Steps (Watch this video)


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