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Start Real Time Games

Start a Real Time Game - Video Guide

Getting Started with Joining Real Time Games (In Words)

So, you are here on MajCom looking for some real time action. AWESOME! All you need to do, is to follow these VERY SIMPLE steps!

  • Click your Games Tab


  • Click the Join a Game Button under the Real Time section.


  • Now you are in the Real Time Join Page.
  • You could talk to whoever is in the same chat room via the chat in the top half of the page.
  • The open games avaliable are towards the bottom half of the page.
  • There are a few theme games that are great for new players with basic settings - look for the -=New Players Welcome=- sign next to the game notes if you are new.
  • Join a game by clicking the "join" button.


  • Remember to stick around the site - we will have a pop up to notify you that it is your turn.
  • You can view the game you are in by clicking the "view" button.

If you want a quicker game, look for shorter turn settings - 3 min other than 5 min; look for games with less players needed - the game will fill up quicker.

Getting Started with Creating Real Time Games (In Words)

Want something that feels different from the theme games, or you just want to play a game with a different number of players? All you need to do, is to follow these (again) VERY SIMPLE steps!

  • Click your Games Tab


  • Click the Start a Game Button under the Real Time section.


  • Choose your Game Options. Remember to click the Turn Length to be 3 minutes or 5 minutes for Real Time awesomeness.


  • Click Game On.


The game will now appear on your games page under the awaiting tab. Awaiting.png Public games also appear on the join games page. Once enough players have joined your game, it will commence.

Happy MajComming!

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