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German House of Hausburg
These make up for almost all existing & reigning dynasties in Europe except Monacan, Spanish and Swedish royal families. In the past German House of Habsburg has even ruled Spain & Mexico. Hohenzollerns ruled Romania. German houses also ruled Greece and some other countries. Sometimes vacant thrones were offered to German ethnic nobles, sometimes they were just next in line to the throne. What seems to be the real factor in German noble families gaining thrones of European countries? Why is the eventuality of them getting a throne higher than other ethnicities? Why didn't such an event cause resentment in native population? Wouldn't it be more appealing to the common people if their King was one of their own, not someone imported from Germany who would have to learn the language of the country and shape his children to the culture of his subject nation? What were the political motives behind such offers in cases when German candidate was not in line to succession in anyway?
TO: ndrm31
Players: 27
Buy In: 12 points
Total Awarded: 324 points
Award % Breakdown: 70,30
Sep 7 2020, 18:22
Tournament created by ndrm31
Round 1
3 Games
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9 : Assassin : Triples : Sequential : Escalate : One : Anywhere : Fixed : 24 hr (casual) : Public
Round 2
1 Games
Europe Massive Map Image
9 : Assassin : Triples : Sequential : Escalate : One : Anywhere : Fixed : 24 hr (casual) : Public
Round 3
1 Games
Europe Massive Map Image
3 : Standard : Singles : Sequential : Escalate : One : Anywhere : Fixed : 24 hr (casual) : Public


ndrm31 Image


Fri Sep 11 19:46:15 2020

sure its random I suggest pm to dome players;)
micky Image


Thu Sep 10 04:13:13 2020

Tempting, I agree - but then you don't know if you get teammates who communicate
brianstheman Image


Wed Sep 9 11:29:10 2020

Ooohhhh......triple team, triple assassin.....interesting!
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