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Players: 24
Buy In: 10 points
Total Awarded: 240 points
Award % Breakdown: 100
Feb 1 2020, 11:03
Tournament created by JCUK
Round 1
2 Games
Barbarossa Map Image
12 : Standard : Crusade : Sequential : Escalite : One : Anywhere : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
Round 2
2 Games
Barbarossa Map Image
12 : Standard : Sixers : Sequential : Escalite : One : Anywhere : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
Round 3
1 Games
Barbarossa Map Image
12 : Standard : Singles : Sequential : Escalite : One : Anywhere : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public


EasyToKill Image


Mon Feb 10 17:54:48 2020

A little (Red) birdie told me...
Sebrim Image


Sat Feb 8 06:08:13 2020

How do you know that, actually, EasyKill? Even I wasn't yet around when that happened :-)
Cardinalsrule Image


Fri Feb 7 16:55:22 2020

It's a FANTASTIC setting, JCUK. But, as Easy said, 2 players kept making a bunch of 6-8 player doubles game and winning them all, so Bado decided to end their fun.
JCUK Image


Fri Feb 7 03:16:13 2020

@EasyToKill that's interesting, it seems quite a good setting. Maybe it works better in a tournament when teams are random.
EasyToKill Image


Thu Feb 6 16:47:45 2020

Brian, the Team assassin setting isn't available in the standard game section. So, it's completely non-existent, has been for quite a few years, when Badorties decided it was 'predatory' after two players not to be named won about 100 doubles assassin games.
JCUK Image


Tue Feb 4 14:33:08 2020

I definitely agree that the the quad team assassin is an interesting setting and seems to be working well so far. It takes a lot of team work and can be swings and roundabouts when different strategies are employed. It seems to work well in a tourney where one team is not full of highly experienced players and walks over the other team.
brianstheman Image


Mon Feb 3 22:39:10 2020

The other cool setting is Team Assassin. This is basically non-existent in the standard game section. Therefore many have not developed a sense of strategy for it. While this may cause some frustration, say in a 3 team game where two teams attack one, instead of 1v1v1, ultimately it's pretty interesting.
JCUK Image


Mon Feb 3 17:05:30 2020

@Loki, that would require 48 players. I don't start 48 player tournaments, these days they can take a few months to fill by the looks of some the most recent 48 players tournaments, by that time people have left the site which ruins a whole tourney if people are awol. @Clarkenfeld, I don't think I will be joining many/if any team game tournaments from now on. I am in too many where 'the same people' don't communicate at all and make it so difficult. @Brain, I will continue to make the tournaments you highlighted in your comment as they seem popular.
Lokiskittens Image


Mon Feb 3 15:33:13 2020

and then round 2 is still 24 players (2 games of 12)
Lokiskittens Image


Mon Feb 3 15:32:38 2020

Can you do a 12 player crusade or will this create problems?
brianstheman Image


Mon Feb 3 13:34:02 2020

I like that we are seeing larger team games which otherwise haven't filled recently through conventional means. The Crusades are great (as featured here). A 24p Sixers in another. The volume is great also. Before seemed like had to join every tourney, as they seemed scarce. Now, with more options, can pick a few, which leaves open space for others. Would think this should enhance overall participation.
clarkenfeld Image


Mon Feb 3 09:53:03 2020

I like tournaments. That's what I like. I hate losing them. Especially through personal incompetence. I'm also not a big fan of non-communicative team mates.
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