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Crusades: 48 Combatants, 1 Winner
Solving problems isn't really so difficult. A time tested method is to form a large team and lay a smackdown on an opponent who takes the other side of the argument. Winning the battle means imposing their will!
TO: Tapeworm
Players: 48
Buy In: 6 points
Total Awarded: 288 points
Award % Breakdown: 100
In Progress
Oct 6 2020, 04:15
Round 3 is completed. Starting round 4
Oct 6 2020, 04:14
Team eliminated: clarkenfeld, sannheten, empirejeff, Roscokov, Finlandi, matildathehun
Sep 15 2020, 12:08
Round 2 is completed. Starting round 3
Sep 15 2020, 12:08
Team eliminated: PITMAN212, BallzDeep, riskyone, mrbunni1, bilsi, Tyro, JamesPep24, samps, kardiak, engelbrekt1390, ElToad, CryptoJim
Jul 30 2020, 11:53
Round 1 is completed. Starting round 2
Jul 30 2020, 11:53
Team eliminated: TheGeneral, Tapeworm, fishlim, gfunk74, Smaryll, DiorAranelEluchil, 5battalions, Redstorm, TheBob, patroit, ebbwa, TylerDurden85
Jul 29 2020, 09:29
Team eliminated: ndrm31, IronDuke, zonie, pinzky, dagnasty2, jasmine1978, haWD96lz, ninjakrme, engineerairborne, Spartacus1, ComradeClownCar, captainronaldo
May 30 2020, 10:28
Starting round 1
May 30 2020, 10:28
Tournament is starting
Jan 15 2020, 02:42
Tournament created by Tapeworm
Round 1
2 Games
Classic Massive Map Image
24 : Standard : Crusade : Sequential : Flat Rate : One : Border : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
24/24 Players
Classic Massive Map Image
24 : Standard : Crusade : Sequential : Flat Rate : One : Border : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
24/24 Players
Round 2
1 Games
Europe Massive Map Image
24 : Standard : Crusade : Sequential : Flat Rate : One : Border : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
24/24 Players
Round 3
1 Games
Australia Map Image
12 : Standard : Sixers : Sequential : Flat Rate : One : Border : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
12/12 Players
Round 4
1 Games
North America Map Image
6 : Standard : Singles : Sequential : Escalite : One : Path : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
6/6 Players


Tyro Image


Wed Jul 29 04:42:45 2020

riskyone has made a suggestion: the players opposite the AWOL players sit out the game, the game becomes 10v10. That was my first idea. I like it. There is a small chance that a player will 'forget' that they are sitting it out. And it would be good to have an agreed remedy if this happens. I have i mind a potential remedy but I will await comments before wading in. I have another potential solution. Not as neat as risky's suggestion. But I'll wait before raising it. No point in wasting time discussing something less neat if we don't have to.
Tyro Image


Tue Jul 28 03:15:26 2020

There are 2 AWOL players in our team, 2 in our opponents. It seems to me that it would 'spoil' the tournament if both AWOL players were on the same team in the next crusader round. Perhaps we could discuss how best to manage this? Obviously, if it is 1 AWOL on each team then there is no need to do anything. I've started a conversation in our team chatter. Does anyone in the other game have any thoughts or comments?
brianstheman Image


Sun May 31 02:11:03 2020

I posted several messages in the Tournament help section to get Hawd removed. Too bad it started before he was booted. Have won Crusades with AWOLs before......but then they get carried to the next round. Unfortunate.
fishlim Image


Sat May 30 03:39:13 2020

possible to drop AWOLS? we dont want a crusade that took 6 months to fill up to be spoiled by AWOL now do we?
IronDuke Image


Tue May 26 16:20:15 2020

lets gooooooooooo! Also - join the Number of the Beast Tourney. Major prizes
fishlim Image


Sat May 23 04:35:51 2020

Almost there, only took half a year!
brianstheman Image


Thu Feb 27 14:16:49 2020

The whole point is a double crusade :)
AuraCraft Image


Fri Feb 21 19:28:35 2020

Could it be changed to... R1) 1 crusade / R2) 1 sixers / R3) 1 triples / R4) 3 assassin escalate OR R1) 1 crusade / R2) 1 sixers / R3) 6 player assassin escalIte all? coz by the time this fills up, there will be a few awols which spoils one round
NewSheriffInTown Image


Fri Feb 14 21:33:34 2020

Yeah, changed to singles. It should work now. So JOIN and PLAY!! :-))
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