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Deadly Duels of Dominasian
Over several decades, war, famine and internal politics have driven Asia into chaos, fragmenting it's once stable empires into an assortment of barbaric tribes and khaganates. But from the ashes of anarchy, you, a would-be ruler, backed by your faithful warriors, begin to rise, with the vision of ascending to greatness and establishing a new order in Asia. You are still a fledgling empire and there are several aspiring leaders out there who also seek dominion of the continent. You will need to band together and form alliances in order to progress in your journey. As the battles rage on and the casualties pile up, your allies will begin to dwindle until you're all on your own, fighting for the ultimate victory. Only one can rule Asia. Will it be you? Or will your empire fall into the dustbin of history?
TO: Redstorm
Players: 48
Buy In: 10 points
Total Awarded: 480 points
Award % Breakdown: 80,12.5,5,2.5
Round 1
4 Games
Philippines Map Image
12 : Standard : Sixers : Sequential : Escalate : One : Path : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
Round 2
4 Games
Sea Of Japan Map Image
6 : Standard : Triples : Sequential : Escalate : One : Path : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
Round 3
3 Games
Middle East Map Image
4 : Standard : Doubles : Sequential : Escalate : One : Path : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public
Round 4
1 Games
Far East Asia Map Image
6 : Standard : Singles : Sequential : Escalate : One : Path : Chance : 24 hr (casual) : Public


brianstheman Image


Sat Feb 1 13:27:27 2020

FIXED!!!! Anyone can join!!!
NewSheriffInTown Image


Sat Feb 1 08:44:58 2020

Okay fixed - It should work now.
Redstorm Image


Sun Sep 15 17:13:16 2019

As requested by zorbmonkey. have fun
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