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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion Virtuoso is on a distinguished road Virtuoso's Avatar
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    Does the game engine here allow for an egalitarian fixed drop start when it is numerically possible?
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    Level 4: Recognized Voice Zorbmonkey is on a distinguished road Zorbmonkey's Avatar
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    12D's has a fixed drop start so I would assume it's possible, although this map would need coding of multiple drop patterns depending on player count. But it should be easily do-able. I'd like to try a map with equalised starting positions, thus my interest in this map

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion Virtuoso is on a distinguished road Virtuoso's Avatar
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    That's great, although so far you're the only one.

    I was wondering what 12D was but I guess you mean 12 Domains, and I guess it therefore is possible to have a fixed drop so that's good.

    The drop pattern would basically be a matter of assigning the terts around the board sequentially, then everything would fall into place as long as the number of players is a divisor of the total number of territories. I wonder if (as another option) a "selected" territory format could be used, whereby everyone chooses their territories in a "draft" format (the way you would play Risk on a board). That would be interesting but probably only feasible in live games.

    My (artistic) preference would be for a bigger opening in the middle, which would probably mean fewer rings. My thought would be to have it appear as a bit of an oval, or a circle that is tilted slightly back at the top, and slightly forward towards the bottom, so that there is the perception of depth. Think Saturn's rings or something of the sort. I don't think having equal distances in every direction, at least to me, takes precedence over the "shape" of the map I would like it to have. If there are fewer rings and therefore more terts in each quadrant, then players will be wise to try to maintain terts in opposite sides of the board.

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