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    Can't seem to get started

    Hi, I just joined and am having trouble. I can joibn a game but when it is my turn I can hit the start turn button but nothing happens. This ismy second game and I have yet to take a turn in either game. I do have flash allowed. Any Ideas?

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    Forum Moderator and All Knowing God. brianstheman is on a distinguished road brianstheman's Avatar
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    Elco - you will need to enable Flash in your internet browser at the Site level.

    Here are some instructions for Chrome:

    Many miss enabling Flash at the site level:
    On Chrome, look for what looks like a lock to the left of the URL in the address "Allow" on Flash. Then refresh the page. A little jigsaw puzzle piece may appear in the right side of the address bar. Click that, then click "Run Flash this Time". Then click on the map and the page should finish loading and you can play.

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    Level 4: Recognized Voice generalmuck knows their way around generalmuck's Avatar
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    MC, you really need to put a sticky post with to step to step instructions like brian's on how to do this. There are many new players asking about this in the RT lobby. If such a post existed, then all we need to do is point them there with a link if we happen to be there..

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