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    A place where everyone knows your name!

    Or at least your username!

    I have recently written a new blog which I hope Sheriff will publish. It's called 'Why am I still playing here after 5 years'.

    I wanted to add some comments that I didn't include in the blog.

    We're going through strange times, people are at home with cabin fever, I sure am, people have lost thier jobs, income and some have lost businesses. 'Strange times', is a common phrase at the moment and indeed it is.

    I, like many, have spent more time on this site than usual, mainly because I'm working from home as I'm sure a lot of you are where possible. I'm also leaving my current job in Oct, buying a new house and it's big change for me. Deciding to leave the leave the military after 25 years was a choice I made back in last Oct. The timing is not the best in hindsight but who could predict a global pandemic. I am fortunate to be relatively relaxed about this and consider myself fortunate that the timing hopefully will work out for me 'at the moment'. But I know some people are going through changes in life that has been unsuspectingly forced upon them and they aren't prepared. I have had time to prepare for my life change and I am grateful for that option. My wife is a little nervous but I reassure her that everything will be fine as i expect/hope it will be.

    I have had nearly a month now at home, I'll be honest, not doing very much, like many. It's really given me an opportunity to unwind and contemplate the future, deal with old stresses and just chill. With what's going on in the world and the position I am in, it's really made me think a lot about other people and how it is affecting them and this grounds me every day. It puts a lot in perspective for me. My worries a month ago was will my house sell? Will I be able to buy the house I want in the area I want? Will I get the job I want? These all seem quite trivia now considering the problems I see others going through.

    The one thing that remains constant in my life, is strangely this site and community. The clock still keeps ticking, people are still taking their turns and the chat continues. It means while I'm here, I'm counting, working out odds (sometimes), yes Brains, I do work out the odds sometimes : ) and thinking through and discussing strategies.

    I just wanted to say thank you for this small escape in what is a very turbulent world right now.

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    And thank you for your contribution to keep this place active! Cheers! Be safe!


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    Thanks for the read JCUK! superinteresting, anyone will see some part of ourself on it. And thanks for keep the site nice as well as the Tournament feed active! You're a master :-)

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