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    Level 11: Commanding General of Everything. Don't ask, just listen. I'm at 11. Bluebonnet commands your respect Bluebonnet commands your respect Bluebonnet's Avatar
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    well, if you are giving options i vote for number 2. what isnt filled by say sunday gets cancelled.
    number 1 will never fly. someone who doesnt read the forum will always join and get another going.

    three sounds like a pain and possibility of a pain in your posterior.

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    Level 3: Occasional Commentator brianstheman is on a distinguished road brianstheman's Avatar
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    I wouldn't mind having 4 Barbarossa medals to everyone else's zero though, so option 3 sounds good!

    Lol, I'm sure a bunch of people will have medals once the Total War tournament first round is complete, so whatever works best. I like the idea of knowing when unfilled games will be cut off.
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    Level 9: Highly Acclaimed Authority on the Subject riskyone commands your respect riskyone commands your respect riskyone's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinalsrule View Post
    I vote to delete the unfilled games, wait for all current to complete, and then make the changes. Cleaner that way, IMO.
    +1, I started a 7 player and 6 joined and I can't even remember the password.

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    Level 3: Occasional Commentator brianstheman is on a distinguished road brianstheman's Avatar
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    Look through your sent messages for game invites to the other players

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion AuraCraft is on a distinguished road AuraCraft's Avatar
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    The Red Army beat the Germans... (some 80% of Wehrmacht losses were caused by the Red Army; the allies only made it just in time to claim the western part of Europe and Germany for capitalism. 25k Dutchmen died during the Hunger Winter of 44-45 coz conquering West Germany was prioritized over liberating Holland)
    So why is the ribbon part of the UDO medal the Reichsflag!? It's an insult to the two dozen million casualties suffered by the Soviets. A red flag is more appropriate.

    Barbarossa was doomed to fail anyway. There were German Generals who knew this. Logistically impossible. There is no scenario where they wouldn't run out of fuel long before they'd reach Baku oil fields.


    A British Isles styled Stalingrad city command would be nice
    I know that offensive wasn't part of Barbarossa but neither was the invasion of Norway
    If only coz defeating Stalin (and communism) was the reason why Germany was supported by American banks and industries to wage war. (Dresden was carpet bombed (a warcrime) while American owned industries in the Ruhrgebiet (e.g. Ford) were spared. End result; America became the world's new hegemon.)


    I'd prefer the territory names in Norway to be "Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger" corresponding with the 3 biggest urban areas of the country located in those 3 territories. East, West and South Norway seems so generic
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    Simple Solution for 50/50 chances in 2 player games, by AuraCraft
    1st PLAYER GETS HALF the 1st TURN's UNITS* *meaning the unconditional (territories divided by 3) bonus you receive when you start your turn* - check out my profile for more info :)

  6. 12-09-2019 07:05 AM

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion periwinkle is on a distinguished road periwinkle's Avatar
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    I vote for option 2

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