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    A suggestion for when there is an obvious winner

    When it's obvious you or your opponent are going to be sweeping over the map and cleaning it up, the process to end the game is a tedious, boring and annoying process for all the parties involved. If I'm the one losing I don't want to sit there, deploy troops and make half-assed attacks while being mercilessly wiped off the board by a mighty empire. I also don't want to just go AWOL and lose points.
    If I'm the one winning it's just so tedious and boring to go through the whole map (especially the massive ones) to conquer every last region of a player that stands absolutely no chance at all anymore and has maybe already gone AWOL. If the player is honorable enough to not go AWOL it just feels bad.

    I dunno. Maybe I'm alone with these thoughts?

    Anyway, my idea was: Why not implement a feature that allows all the parties involved to agree on a winner?

    Tell me what you think.

    Also, someone told me that lots of people have been asking for a surrender option for a long time. I was wondering, what is the reason it has not yet been implemented yet? Maybe I'm missing something. My idea is a little bit different because here it has to be agreed on a winner and you can't just decide by yourself to surrender. But maybe it's too similar and won't be eligible for the same reason(s).


    EDIT: wanted to remove the "Awesome" Tag because I think I can't be the judge, maybe you guys don't find it awesome, but editing and setting it to "No icon" for some reason has no effect. So yeah.
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    I think MrT has a good point here. What is being suggested is a bit like "Resigning" in chess, which no-one thinks is silly.

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