The clip is very good. I have had amazing dice on some maps and won clearly and also lost 40 troops over 4 consecutive turns and not won a teritory on another map. It is infuriating at the them time but when I accept that the I am moving up the leader board I must be doing something right. What I also accept is that pure randomness is not possible with a RNG.

What is constant is the fact that the algorithm used on the site is the same for everyone.

What is not constant is the amount of troops people attack with or against which affects how many dice are involved in the attack or defence.

The attacker has a slight advantage when rolling:

4 or more Troops vs 2 or more Troops (Three dice against Two dice)
4 or more Troops vs 1 Troop (Three dice against One die)
3 or more Troops vs 1 Troop (Two dice against One die)
Otherwise, the defender has an advantage when the attacker rolls:

3 Troops vs 2 Troops (Two dice against Two dice)
2 Troops vs 2 Troops (One dice against Two dice)
2 Troops vs 1 Troops (One dice against One dice)

When player 1 sets up their strategy and it is blown by someone that has a streak of luck, player 1 feels let down as they feel they should have won as they had a strategy and player 2 was relying on luck to break the strategy. I would argue that player 1 using a a good strategy is likely to be a lot higher rank than player 2 and requires to win 2-3 more games to continue up the leader board or even remiain at the same rank.

There are a lot of variables when considering why someone is not moving up the leaderboard compared to someone who is not winning games. I accept not moving up the leaderboard as I play any rank in real time including a lot of cadets. I understand that I have to win way more than I lose.

I have a 2 Masters degrees and a Doctorate but that does not mean that I am a better player than anyone else on this site, it just means that I will likely employ a good strategy more often than not. If someone else employs a good strategy, then as far as I'm concerned the game is equal is interesting.

What must also be remembered is people don't navigate to a risk site out of chance, even if they have never played on this site before they likely know already how the game is played. You cannot judge someone soley on their rank. The reason high ranking players remain high ranking players is down to the fact that I rarely see them in games meaning that to remain at the top as they play against each other a lot - why would they not do this if rank is important them?

The fact that everyone faces the same algorithm when rolling the dice is the equilibrium that keeps me playing here. Players attitude's and manners on this site is another matter altogether.