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    Quote Originally Posted by ndrm31 View Post
    Hi, will landrush be aviable again? thx
    I can't wait to test that baby out.
    Music will set you free..!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiorAranelEluchil View Post
    I have a lot problem with loading game in beta. I try in edge, internet explorer, firefox and google chrome.

    Or it is not about loading game it is about press button to enter in game after loading, and pressing button for start turn, and deploy units. All this things is not work correct on my computer. I was try on two computer, one with win 10, and one with win 7. On both I have same problems. I did not see that anybody else have similar problems, so I reported .
    I can confirm. Once the games get to a certain size in terms of total troops, they get very cloggy. I'm unable to open them on my phone, for example. They start loading, take forever to get to the green 'Continue'-button and the correct colours, and then once more forever to actually react to clicking the button. Once tat hurdle is past, there's no problem until I get to 'End turn', when it takes another forever until it is able to react to any clicking again.

    I don't think land rush would work in that kind of environment....

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion DiorAranelEluchil is on a distinguished road DiorAranelEluchil's Avatar
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    And also some time this problem goes to deploying, attacking and everything. :/

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