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    Level 2: Familiar Sound bonnajavel is on a distinguished road bonnajavel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Granny-binley View Post
    I'm happy to take part if you let me know what you guys need. UK based.
    Great! We still need more members.

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    Level 2: Familiar Sound bonnajavel is on a distinguished road bonnajavel's Avatar
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    So this didn't work out well apparently with not even enough members to start at all!

    I can tell you why I came to think of this idea in the first place. It's because the limited time format - which of course is a necessity - puts me at a disadvantage because of my geographical position and working hours. Players in another part of the world from where most of the players are hailing always make moves right after I went to bed, making it difficult for me to make a move in time the next day. And since my working hours are irregular, I'm in an even worse position. My efforts to adjust to this problem have not had the desired result of my not missing any turns. On the contrary I really can't help missing turns almost every week because of this.

    And since there aren't enough players from my time zone to amend it, I wonder if Major Command will ever consider opening a new time format of say 48 hours, something that would help greatly.

    Please comment.

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    Start taking your turns when you go out of bed instead of before going to bed

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnajavel View Post
    Please comment.
    I'd be against it tbh. Bigger games take a lot of time to finish as it is imo.
    (Then again, having it as an option wouldn't hurt me, I guess I just wouldn't join those games.)

    But if players from the New World make their moves right after you go to bed, those turns should be waiting for you the next day, before you go to bed. Right?

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