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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion BearNecessities knows their way around BearNecessities's Avatar
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    on being consistently good

    At the time of writing this, I remain a fairly new player with fewer than 1000 moves taken. Perhaps due to my lack of experience, I have found that my play style varies wildly from game to game. In isolation, this might be a good way for me to evaluate what strategic approach works best for me. Unfortunately I have largely eliminated that learning opportunity because of the nasty fact that I'm also quite inconsistent from turn to turn within the continuity of one game.

    This has lead me to a question that perhaps the community could help to answer, and by answering, help many players both new and seasoned:
    1. What can be done to ensure that you are always playing to the best of your ability?
    2. How do you ensure that you deploy a consistent strategy from game to game, turn to turn?
    3. How do you mitigate tilting?

    I'd love your input. Once this thread is sufficiently populated with answers and debate, I plan to synthesize the results and will follow up with a comprehensive guide.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Forum Moderator and All Knowing God. Redstorm has good things to say Redstorm's Avatar
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    1....playing while consuming adult beverages will negate any chance of that
    2....see above
    3....see above

    Just joking with you. good questions. I will be interested in the responses you get.

    Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't but I'm always ready to play.

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    Level 11: Commanding General of Everything. Don't ask, just listen. I'm at 11. Sebrim commands your respect Sebrim commands your respect Sebrim's Avatar
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    I'm playing to have fun, and am not too engrossed in consistent strategy etc. The main issue for me is patience, patience, patience. Other than that, every single game is individual and requires an individually tailored strategy to win.

    It may be that this is the reason I've only briefly made it to Captain twice so far, but I'm happy as is, and hope to regain my hat some time in the future :-)

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion engineerairborne is on a distinguished road engineerairborne's Avatar
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    I agree. you have to be having fun or what is the point. Little secret, you will find your self in many games that by the time you even get to your first play, you have already lost, or vis versa that is for 1 v 1 games. Try different things, and try to have fun.

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    Level 8: Renowned Expert F15FreeEagle has good things to say F15FreeEagle's Avatar
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    In my opinion, different games do require different strategies. Some games/drops require extreme patience, others, if you don't come out swinging, you will have no chance. How your opponents are playing will determine a lot of that at times too.

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion BearNecessities knows their way around BearNecessities's Avatar
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    Thank you to all, both in the forums and via PM, who submitted ideas on this topic. I'm working on a follow up representing my understandings of best practice in playing in top form every day.

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    Level 3: Occasional Commentator matildathehun is on a distinguished road matildathehun's Avatar
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    I agree with all that's been said. I'll add too -- the more you play, the more your game adjusts naturally. At least that's what I've found. Different maps, different settings, different numbers of people. All affect what the best next move will be.

    I also found that watching what other players were doing and figuring out why they did that helps too. (Especially if you're watching the ones with the crowns and the stars next to their names...)

    As others have said -- it's all for fun. As soon as you free yourself from having to try to win every game, you're open to experiment a bit more with different strategies. If it doesn't work out, what have you really lost? Nothing. But it may help you win in the long run.

    See ya on the field.


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