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    Quote Originally Posted by F15FreeEagle View Post
    Speaking of honor score, why is so hard to change a player "rating" once you have marked them? There is one player in particular that I marked "dishonorable" a long time ago, and have tried for a couple of months to change that when I get into a game with them. Every time I change it, the system changes their rating back to "dishonorable." You would think that if you can mark them to begin with, you could change it again?
    Sorry for late response but i had same problem. I solved it by changing rating incremently. system doesnt seem to like going from dishonorable to honorable, try changing dishonorable to neutral during one turn then from neutral to honorable the next. a pain but it worked for me.
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    I consider Number2 dishonorable. I guess I won't trust him again. Fool me once, right. I just can't comprehend how a 5 player mini, non tournament game would make someone so greedy that they would be dishonorable. Just for fun I attacked back. So I don't see an easy victory for him. Player not to be trusted with their word.

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