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    The deploy is divisible by 3.. So.. sometimes you can take that factor down one deploy then yes!

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    Something i wrote, copy/pasted:
    Hey buddy. Just figured i'd give you a short version of my strategy for most escalate games on medium maps with 5+ players. You need to consider individual map features such as the +1 autodeploys on maps like Africa or Forgotten Kingdoms which are more valuable than commands early in most games unless you drop heavy in a certain area and going for something larger first seems in order.

    In general though you will make a variety of choices early in games but the end goal should be to build up stacks that you can add men to from a card hand in and use to eliminate players who will give you enough cards to eliminate another player or give you enough cards to where you will hopefully be able to cash a set in on your next turn and be able to survive to see your next turn after the likely actions of the players yet to act. Usually this phase starts once card values get into the 15+ range. Once at or close to this range you need to consider heavily the actions of all playersyet to act to make sure you will survive to see your next turn. If not then cashing in an early set or making an elim attempt with whatever stacks you have is actually your best move if you strongly believe someone else will be in position to make a run of the board. It's all about knowing when to strike. All your early game actions are just giving you better odds of success when the time to strike comes.

    You always want to go for whatever commands or auto deploys you think you will be able to take and hold the quickest. If you go to big first then other players could outgrow you in strength and anything you take will become threatened. If you find yourself in a position like this it is important not to overstretch and take commands it will just induce attacks on you and further weaken you. When the time comes to strike, you will not have enough men for any strikes to work. You should accept your bad position in the game and simply build stacks where you can, merge your forces into a larger stack where you can, take the weakest province you can to get a card, and try to move out of/stay out of area where players look like they will be expanding soon. Study the game carefully and wait for a time to strike and try to make a run, if that opportunity does not come then make the best strike you can when you see that your likely not to see another turn. If you take a dominating position early in a game you can attack other players command early in a game to suffocate the other players a bit but you must back off soon and start focusing on building and not get to bold. You will just be throwing away your opportunity to build great striking stacks. Often time just taking a small command and building with just the deployables from that is best, and not trying to expand into further commands. There are some exceptions to this though such as classic massive and europe massive where steady expansion is the best strategy, or atleast the early phase lasts a lot longer and the game can sometimes go in a variety of directions. On smaller maps the early stage does not last nearly as long and unless you are blessed with a great drop simply building stacks and looking for easy attacks to get a card right of the very bat is the best strategy. All in all the main jist really is to just build striking stacks and placing them in the best positions to be able to reach and eliminate the weakest players and understanding when to strike or when you HAVE TO strike.

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