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    Level 8: Renowned Expert JCUK is on a distinguished road JCUK's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by masterjskye View Post
    Don't roll when you're in a bad mood. The Dice Gods can sense it.
    I agree with this one, they can definitely sense it, bad roll, bad mood, another bad roll, worse mood, bad at the window.

    Dice laughing at you.

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    Level 5: Notable Commentator 5battalions is on a distinguished road 5battalions's Avatar
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    eat the pie in small slices...

    a good overview of the map is very important, takes time to figure out all the contingencies, think over troop placements etc... and not be too greedy.
    Synthetising some stuff that i've read and some experience at battlefield.
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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor Tapeworm has good things to say Tapeworm's Avatar
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    I have a whole bunch of these on my profile front line, back from my first few months here as I was learning.

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor Redstorm has good things to say Redstorm's Avatar
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    yeah. incorporated those into my scrapbook and credited u with the assist. tks again.

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion rperry96 is on a distinguished road rperry96's Avatar
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    In flat rate, don't be afraid to go a round without taking a tert. The card simply isn't worth as much.

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor F15FreeEagle is on a distinguished road F15FreeEagle's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCUK View Post
    I agree with this one, they can definitely sense it, bad roll, bad mood, another bad roll, worse mood, bad at the window.

    Dice laughing at you.
    Well this would explain a lot of stuff around my house...

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion SubwayatNight is on a distinguished road SubwayatNight's Avatar
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    Here are a few 1v1 strategies I've found helpful:

    1. It's probably good to avoid attacking neutrals in general, but I think especially in 1v1 games. Keep this in mind when deciding where you might be able to acquire a territory.

    2. I also think it's important to prevent the opponent from getting any kind of troop bonus, not only for acquiring a territory, but also for obtaining a particular region count. I always pay attention to how many regions my opponent has. E.g., if my opponent has 13 regions, I try taking two if it doesn't spread me too thin, which eliminates the extra troop bonus for having 12 regions. It's also important to know the higher region bonus counts as well, especially if you're playing on a medium or large map.

    3. As we all know from masterjskye's 1v1 data, going first is the most important strategy. I just haven't figured out how to consistently do that yet.

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor namelochil commands your respect namelochil commands your respect namelochil's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoffrey View Post
    If I trust the person I like to make deals where we just dont backstab each other and at least 1 round warning before any backstabbing.
    How do you warn someone you're going to backstab her? And if you do, is it really still a backstab? Isn't a backstab literally an attack without warning? This is very interesting to me.
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