If a joke means you laugh. I thought this was a joke. This happened this morning. I was walking to the store and as I was walking through my condo complex I spotted my friend Leroy the cat. I said Leroy and the woman standing there. As we were talking a guy stole a ladder from the gardening crew when they weren't looking. You just see this guy running around the corner of the parking lot with this ladder. Runs down his ruw and disappears, like magic. Sort of. I mean we did see. It's not like there was a curtain and the big reveal. He must have needed that ladder pretty bad, but just a foot stool will get any job done in a one story. The lady and me we just laughed. So it's not a joke but it did make me laugh. I don't want people stealing just to make me laugh, but I need laughter. So only steal from Banks and insurance companies o.k.