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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor xsb1977 has good things to say xsb1977's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    Game for Ireland:

    xsb1977 wins

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor xsb1977 has good things to say xsb1977's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    Game for Sweeden:

    xsb1977 wins

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    Level 8: Renowned Expert sannheten knows their way around sannheten's Avatar
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    I saw this after 10 hours. Unfortunately all games now are filled with other players. Probably we have to wait till it is possible in beta to set a password before we can continue ...

    Quote Originally Posted by airwick View Post

    1. If you send in your moving orders do so in this format: player X attacks player Y in territory Z (airwick attacks BudH in Fantasialand)

    2. Defenders set up the games and POST LINK IN THE FORUM!!! They have 48 hours to do so after the moving orders are made public. If the games are not set up, defenders automatically lose the territory. I'm not going to check for games, if it is not in the forum within 48 hours, defender also loses the game.

    3. After the 48 hours the attackers have another 24 hours to join the games. If they don't join the games in 24 hours the attack is over and the defender won.

    Look at the post above to see on what map the games need to be played.
    Game in green is active, game in red is finished.

    When setting up the game use the notes section to indicate this is a MoM Battlefield Earth game. After setting up the game put the game link in the forum. Wins have to be reported in the forum.

    Game settings will be the same for every game: one, anywhere (NUKES is path), escalate, casual.


    Game for neutral Greece

    Game for neutral Balkans

    Game for neutral Ukraine

    Game for neutral Poland

    Game for neutral Germany

    Game for neutral Italy

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