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View Poll Results: What settings do you like for Tournaments?

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  • Singles

    29 70.73%
  • Teams

    15 36.59%
  • Standard

    25 60.98%
  • Mercenary

    5 12.20%
  • Assassin

    9 21.95%
  • Chnace

    21 51.22%
  • Fixed

    8 19.51%
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    Make My Day... NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown's Avatar
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    #10 - What settings do you like for Tournaments?

    Tournament players - What settings do you like for Tournaments?

    Singles or Teams?

    Standard, Mercenary, or Assassin?

    Fixed or Chance?

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor PITMAN212 knows their way around PITMAN212's Avatar
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    single one anywhere

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor calume knows their way around calume's Avatar
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    After playing and organizing many tourneys, I made a few constatations.

    1st- Tourney set for 25 players or less gets going fairly quick usually within a few days
    2nd- Assassin is less popular, so setting them up on most popular maps for about 20 players will get them going faster
    3rd- Over 36 players, if the 1st round is set up for a team game there is more chance to get some awol players, better to make it single on 1st round and team on 2nd round (if you wish), so the awol's are out of the picture. Team game are fine on 1st round when set up for less than 28 players as the regular tourney players will fill the spots quickly.
    4th- It was discuss among several regular tourney players that tourney set for 3 rounds or more and the last round being 1vs1 are best with a split pot, many feel it's a bit unfair to win 3-4-5 rounds and loose the last round because they started 2nd on a 1vs1
    5th- Tourney buy in is averaging 10 points which is some sort of a standart and is fine, for smaller tourney like 18 or less players, increasing the buy-in is not a bad idea
    6th- If a tourney game runs into a stalemate and all other games have been finish (awaiting the next round) for weeks or months, it should be deal with by playing a side game or using the minus one rule, keeping in mind going for the record of the longest game on a tourney 1st round isn't really fun for the ones waiting to move on to the next round, for instance the following tourney : was created Sep 19 2015, 11:23 and game is at 127 rounds with no sign of a near ending, so come on you guys playing it, try to work it out. Would be better to break the record for the longest game not in a tourney game.

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    Administrator Redstorm has good things to say Redstorm's Avatar
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    seems like a rule before buyin about maximum rounds before a tie breaker is required would be a great idea. jus saying...

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    Level 8: Renowned Expert F15FreeEagle has good things to say F15FreeEagle's Avatar
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    This may or may not be the "right place" to post this, but I love the tournaments where there are 4 players at the start of every game.

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