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    I like this idea. Tweak the numbers, but yes, escalate the escalation. Second derivative...blah blah...

    I also suggested a very long time ago that bonus should be relative to map size.

    Flat rate on classic mini frequently means that the first set wins the game.

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    Level 8: Renowned Expert TheGeneral has good things to say TheGeneral's Avatar
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    yes - this is true - escalate means different things on different maps. that could be a good idea too. when you think of one thing it just spreads and spreads

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor sundicekid deserves your respect sundicekid's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cagey View Post
    Yes I like that better than my idea - btw the point of Proliferation (I still like the name) or Escapalooza (and that :-) is that even on massive stalemate would be very unlikely.
    Well, whatever it ends up being - it should be called Escapalooza! Lol

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    Escalot in Massive Games

    Hi Masters

    I have recently been playing some games that ended up stalemated. I noticed that it happens relatively often in the massives - especially the world massive, where the deployments and bonuses qua massives are quite big compared to other games. Have anyone ever considered a reservedeployment that escalated more than escalate (escalot!)? That is, a reservesystem that didn't end by adding 5 (15-20-25 and so on), but continued to escalate exponentially, say 15-20-25-30-36-42-49-56-64 or something (I'm sure someone could do the calculating better than I). I think it could add some interesting tactics to the Massive-games a la escalate in smaller maps. Explosiveness - just more complex than regular escalate-games!


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    Level 0: Shadowy Lurker Tharnduil is on a distinguished road Tharnduil's Avatar
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    New Game Setting

    Hey fairly new to the MC site but love risk and have played my whole life.

    I'd absolutely love to see one more setting that I have played with the board game version and think would work here. The setting is individual Escalate/Escalite. What that means is that for each player their first card set would be 4 then 6 then 8, ect...
    Same format for Escalite.
    The main advantage for this would be that cards still stay very important but at the same time you have to earn a much higher turn in count. I know that there might be some difficulties in coding for each player to have their own counter, but would love to see it.

    Thanks have loved playing with everyone so far!

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    Level 8: Renowned Expert F15FreeEagle has good things to say F15FreeEagle's Avatar
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    I think this is an interesting idea. But as you said, something that would probably take some time to set up. Maybe it's something the "powers that be" could take a look at after the new engine implemented?

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    Make My Day... NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericjkline View Post
    In Escalite or escalate games, it would be fun if the rate reserve bonus increased with some level of randomness. On average, it would increase about the same rate, but from bonus to bonus, it would jump more or less, or could even drop a few. It would encourage some scrambling to get the better bonuses, and it might give teams a chance to get back in the game after they get behind in a 2 team game.
    Quote Originally Posted by sensadrome View Post
    Arithmetic progression of n + 1 would be good for escalate I think.... maybe this is a formula for Cagey's escalate plus ?

    4 (+1) 5 (+2) 7 (+3) 10 (+4) 14 (+5) 19 (+6) 25.....
    Quote Originally Posted by smi View Post
    What about Escalate resetting?
    4, 6, 8, 10, 12, reset! then it continues to
    4, 8, 12, 20 then
    4, 12, 20, 30 ... and so on, preventing 1 turn kill them all but allows the game to... well escalate as expected

    Our have we gone overboard with the reserves settings? :P
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGeneral View Post

    I have thought about this before and our esteemed colleague adamlumpy has also pointed it out. When an escalate game ends up with large stacks and the card trades are worth 100+ the increment of increase per trade is only +5. In effect play ends up defensive and the game drags on. There needs to be a change in the increment from +5 to something more exponential. Currently, it is like a poker game where the blinds go up quite quickly and then just stop so as the more and more troops come into play the smaller the blinds become.

    I am not saying this is the right structure but how about something like this. It would keep the game more akin to escalate.

    Trade Troop Bonus Increment
    1 4 0
    2 6 2
    3 8 2
    4 10 2
    5 12 2
    6 15 3
    7 20 5
    8 25 5
    9 30 5
    10 40 10
    11 50 10
    12 60 10
    13 70 10
    14 85 15
    15 100 15
    16 115 15
    17 130 15
    18 150 20
    19 175 25
    20 200 25
    21 225 25
    22 250 25
    23 300 50
    24 350 50
    25 400 50
    26 450 50
    27 500 50
    28 575 75
    29 650 75
    30 725 75
    31 800 75
    32 900 100
    33 1000 100
    Thanks for your thoughts and consideration.
    So all these ideas are being considered, and some are being tested at the moment.

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