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    what a steaming pile of male bovine feces, lol

    "None of our players want to play, but if we did we'd win"
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    "And if you don't give up and don't give in, you may just be OK" ~ Mike and the Mechanics "The Living Years"

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    Hmm ok, well I guess if we only have 2 from the league of shadows we won't be able to start tomorrow anyway so I'm going to
    Push it back a week

    I figured that with something like 10 players in each clan the way it is formatted it would only really equate to 1 game a fortnight on average for each player (possibly three at the maximum, but there'd be some fortnights where it'd just be 4 singles games and each clan would only need 4 players, so some would miss out)

    I guess if you guys feel like that's still too many games we could tone it back a bit, I feel like it wouldn't be fair though if we played some games without all of the clans, so if we can I think we should keep every clan playing in every game.

    The only way to cut down on games is to either extend the start time from a fortnight to maybe a month (which I think might split it up too much) or to maybe designate only 2 of the 4 clans to start games on each fortnight, in which case it'd take 88 weeks for us to finish, which is a long time.

    Any other brilliant ideas on how to change it?
    I guess I'll branistorm a bit more after my 8am exam tomorrow, but until then, I'll leave you guys to do the discussing...

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    Level ∞: Shadow Master masterjskye commands your respect masterjskye commands your respect masterjskye's Avatar
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    I wasn't suggesting that some 'rounds' be sat out by anyone, but rather that you on some rounds you could have two clans facing each other in each game, instead of all the clans facing each other each time. It might bring a bit of flexability into it and allow for some more variation.

    But I was only making an observation really, of what I felt when reading about the challenge. I'm sure that many of the real majcom junkies won't mind the quite massive length. Like I say though it doesn't look likely that LoS will be playing so don't change anything on our account if the rest of you feel there's no problem here.

    Word on the grapevine is there's a new clan being formed as we speak, with some truly skilled players, so hopefully at least you will have 4 clans participating.

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    Level 11: Commanding General of Everything. Don't ask, just listen. I'm at 11. Bluebonnet commands your respect Bluebonnet commands your respect Bluebonnet's Avatar
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    "Any other brilliant ideas on how to change it?"

    Okay, may not be a brilliant idea. But definitely qualifies as brainstorming.

    Currently you have 88 games planned. 4 settings times 22 maps. How about cutting it in half?

    Still have all the options. 2 games start every forthnight from 2 of the clans instead of 4. Still keeps the short time frame you desire.

    But instead of working the way through all the maps and settings, stop it after 44 games no matter what. That way the clans get to basically select the maps and settings they are most interested in. Thus keeping their interest longer.

    The maps and settings not selected would be by default the ones which hold the least interest. I know I cringe at the thought of 24 player sixers on classic mini or middle east. Or 4 player singles on classic massive could be a blood bath for some considering the amount of deploy.

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