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    "so your idea may be interesting but a lot of work in reality and the result will be somewhat similar to 1 or 2 path" (this quoting mechanism here is too much work for me lol)

    I don't think it would be that similar! Because if you have say 30 units in a and only 10 in b, c and d, you can move 30 form a to b but only 10 can end up in e because only the units from d can reach e. So yeah, if you've got 10 in each except e it's kinda like a centipede, yeah. But other than that... It just like it for it's "realism".

    "[1 unit path + 1 unit anywhere + 1 unit path]"

    That's also an interesting idea!

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor AuraCraft is on a distinguished road AuraCraft's Avatar
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    I understand that your idea and 1 or 2 path are quite different in theory but in reality you rarely have 10 and 30 units most of the time. In 2 player games, that is In multiplayer stacks tend to pile up more

    As a pacifist I try not to keep it real To me its just numbers and maps. If one imagines we're actually waging war we're basically wiping out humanity every single day^^ so yes I dont care how many legs the numbers on the maps have

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