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    The Tournament Generator

    In my travels across the wilds of MajCom I have met more than a few folk who wished to make tournaments. Unfortunately these poor souls had not been bestowed with the powers necessary to accomplish this feat.

    I had been previously blessed with the power of the T.O's, and I knew what a rare gift this was indeed. I was among only a very small handful of active players that could (and would) make tournaments on a semi-regular basis.

    I pondered this seeming imbalance for a while, in the mean time creating a few tourneys of my own. With the help of a precious few the tournament system has ticked over alright, but I'm sure some of you will agree we could do with a bit more action on this side of the proceedings. Quite frankly, we need some fresh ideas.

    I have decided it is time to share the power of the Tournament Organisers with you all, in a thread aptly named The Tournament Generator. This thread, in fact.


    How will it work?

    I will take tournament ideas from any player that has access to the official tournament system. I'll use these ideas to make a tournament as close to what the player wanted as possible.

    What do I need from you?

    * I need a picture - a 500 x 150 jpeg (100kb or less) It must be exactly the right size. I recommend making your banner then uploading it to an image hosting site, or if it is on the internet somewhere already, just send me the direct link to it. It must be something decent, I'm not putting my name to anything that's not up to scratch.

    Pro Tip: Google image and other search engines allow you to search by image size. Simply enter the correct parameters and search for something related to your theme, 99% of the time you will find something suitable with a bit of digging. When I do it I also like to add my own writing or other effects to make it my own.

    * I need a theme. The tournament should be interesting in some way. You need a good description that is informative or entertaining or preferably both. I'm pretty flexible here, just don't make it anything rude or offensive obviously.

    * I need your exact maps, settings and player count for each round. Bear in mind even my powers have limits. Look at previous tournaments for inspiration on what is possible.

    * And finally, your tournament needs a name.

    Post all this in a concise forum post here.

    * I need your understanding that the tournament might not fit exactly as you intended it to and may have to be edited or altered for quality assurance.

    That's It!!

    If this sounds like a dream come true then get your thinking caps on and give me some great new ideas! For the Future of Majcom!
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