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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion giuppi is on a distinguished road giuppi's Avatar
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    1. Yellow
    2. Yes, but different maps have different shades of yellow
    3. Red, blue, green
    4. White (neutral by definition!)

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    omigod, totally bitchen, furshur, furshur Robinette commands your respect Robinette commands your respect Robinette's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shepherd View Post
    1. What color do you most like to play as?
    2. Do you tend to set yourself as the same color on all maps?
    3. You are playing a four player game; what three colors are your first choices for your enemies?
    4. What color do you like to set for the Neutral regions?
    1. RED (or "Enemy" when available, Black w/ Red Outline)
    2. YES
    3. BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW (just like the old school Risk game)
    4. WHITE

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    Moderator ORBOTRON is a name known to all ORBOTRON is a name known to all ORBOTRON is a name known to all ORBOTRON is a name known to all ORBOTRON's Avatar
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    1. Green
    2. Yes
    3. Red, Blue, one of the "Target" containers
    4. Yellow (Stands out, first started with yellow so now when ever i see yellow i think neutral)

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    Level 3: Occasional Commentator rakatac is on a distinguished road rakatac's Avatar
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    1. Blue
    2. Yes
    3. 3 different colours to blue that stand out, whatever I see just
    4. White

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    Studio Production Manager Shepherd is a name known to all Shepherd is a name known to all Shepherd is a name known to all Shepherd is a name known to all Shepherd's Avatar
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    Left of center.
    this is just what I'm looking for. So far:

    1. (self): blue 3; green 1; red 3; yellow 1; white 1; black 1; turquoise 1; varies by map 1
    2. (consistent self): 9 yeses; 2 no's; 1 yes & no.
    3. (enemies): lots of blues, greens, yellows, reds, blacks, and "whatever is different"
    4. (neutral): white 5; yellow 4; blend in/gray/earth 3

    Edit: Thanks to everyone for their input - we don't need additional votes. Suffice it to say we've agreed on a fix to the current difficulties folks are having with troop containers.
    Last edited by Shepherd; 01-16-2011 at 06:07 PM.
    When sorrows come they come not in single spies, but in battalions.

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    Level 7: Distinguished Contributor Avitray is on a distinguished road Avitray's Avatar
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    From Taiwan, lives in China
    1. Green - My favorite color
    2. Yes
    3. Blue, Yellow and Red
    4. White

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