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View Poll Results: What to do with the demo games after we integrate Beta with scores?

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  • Delete all active Demo Games and have everyone start a new regular game?

    28 77.78%
  • Let all demo game finish, and have newly created regular games run at the same time.

    8 22.22%
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    Level 0: Shadowy Lurker ZenCoder is on a distinguished road ZenCoder's Avatar
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    Feb 2020
    Option 1 if it's the quickest/easiest.
    Last edited by ZenCoder; 01-13-2021 at 06:30 AM.

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    Make My Day... NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by JCUK View Post
    I wouldn't be playing beta games of I even thought the scores would integrate. Please delete all the games so at least we don't get screwed over.
    That is not quite what I was saying....
    • Current Beta games will always be score-free.
    • After integration, only newly created Beta games will count towards the score.
    • All unfinished score-free Beta games that you already started, will still be score-free.

    The question was about having both scoring, and non-scoring games running at the same time.

    Which it seems like players really don't want.... So it's easier for everyone if we just start fresh anyway. :-)

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    Level 5: Notable Commentator BroncoBlue89 is on a distinguished road BroncoBlue89's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    I voted for Option 2 before I read the thread (because it was at the top of the page) but now I want to change my vote for Option 1, for all of the reasons stated above. And BTW, I love the new Great Land Rush map! It's really quite different from any of the other maps, and fun to play.

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    Level 0: Shadowy Lurker WTBS-Superstation is on a distinguished road WTBS-Superstation's Avatar
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    Mar 2020
    I voted 2 as well and agree with BroncoBlue89. Change my vote to option 1

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    Level 3: Occasional Commentator Fieldmarshall is on a distinguished road Fieldmarshall's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
    Thank you for you work and effort , faster is better so lets get back to playing ; will vote for option #1 .

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    Level 2: Familiar Sound genghisknows is on a distinguished road genghisknows's Avatar
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    Apr 2020
    option 1 since we have been experimenting.

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    Level 11: Commanding General of Everything. Don't ask, just listen. I'm at 11. ndrm31 commands your respect ndrm31 commands your respect ndrm31's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    option 1 I losed many games due bugs, and btw since it tidnt count I missed some turns or joined games that usually I wouldnt join, btw when will FF last attack 2 v 1 be solved?

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    Level 8: Renowned Expert periwinkle is on a distinguished road periwinkle's Avatar
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    Jan 2019
    Also....option 1 is the least confusing option for everyone....can you imagine players remembering which games count and which games don't for points?? Option 1 gives all players a clear cut division between yes points count vs no it doesn't....less confusion for everyone in a time of confusion!

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