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    Level 0: Shadowy Lurker FantomKoala is on a distinguished road FantomKoala's Avatar
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    Why does the game pick like colors?

    I understand in larger games the need to use similar hues, but every three player game I have joined it makes two players basically the same color. Seems like it would be smarter to use a set rotation of colors based on players in the game and only start using the similar colors when the numbers of players is high.

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    Make My Day... NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown commands your respect NewSheriffInTown's Avatar
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    The colors are based on the colors you have previously selected for those players. I can't remember if it's also connected to the map, or just the players. I'll have look deeper in to the code, but I think if you made player blabla yellow last game, then player blabla will start yellow again in your next game. If it is a new player that you have not played against, then it might just take a color from the top of the list. Still, don't take my word for it, it's been a couple years since we roughly coded the color select aspect of Beta. We were going to revisit it again later....

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    Level 6: Prominent Opinion linkinpark is on a distinguished road linkinpark's Avatar
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    I think what FantomKoala asked about was the original color pick before customizing. Maybe, instead of assigning random colrs, similar colors could be internally classfied into color sets, and a second color from the same set is only assigned when one color has already been used from each set. Same for third color and so on.

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    Level 11: Commanding General of Everything. Don't ask, just listen. I'm at 11. Sebrim commands your respect Sebrim commands your respect Sebrim's Avatar
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    Yes, the colour selection in the new engine is a complete mess - starting with the order of the colours, which is worse than random

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