Reduced Membership Fees

Enjoy Our Reduced Membership Fees

Play Risk Reduced Membership Fees

As part of our ongoing reconstruction efforts, we have decided to reward our loyal members, as well as entice some new players to join, by changing our membership prices.

Our new membership prices have been reduced by 50%!!

The new prices are as follows:

6 month Silver Strategist membership (previously $10) is now $4.95
6 month Gold Commander membership (previously $20) is now $9.95

Upgrade Membership Play Risk Online

DON’T WORRY!! We haven’t forgotten about you!! If you had purchased a membership within the last 12 months, then we have extended your current membership subscription by 6 months from it’s previous date of expiry!

For example:

  • If your membership expires on Nov 1, 2014,
    it will now expire on May 1, 2015.
  • If your membership expired on June 1, 2014,
    it will now expire on Dec 1, 2014

There is nothing you need to do, these changes should already have taken place. Please check your SETTINGS PAGE to view the changes. If you think something is not correct, please leave a message in the PRIVATE SUPPORT FORUM and we will get it right.



P.S. If you received an email stating that your Subscription has been cancelled, Don’t worry. It’s only your subscription that was cancelled (your auto-payment plan) with our old provider, NOT your membership!

Future Plans for Major Command Risk

We Have Future Plans

Many of you have been asking and wondering what the future plans of Major Command Risk will look like. So let me give you a glimpse in to some ideas we have been working on.
Future Plans Major Command Risk

Short term Plan

In the short term we plan to have a few surprises and fun stuff. There will be some special events where the whole community, including grunts, will be invited to participate. There will also be some long awaited additions to the site for everyone to enjoy. And of course, for our Strategists and Commanders, whom we greatly appreciate, we are planning to reward you for your long standing dedication and tolerance of all the ups and downs.

Long Term Plan

In the mid-long term, we plan on embarking on a major overhaul of the entire website. The result should provide seamless gameplay, fast responsiveness, and best of all, a whole bunch of new features that will provide endless amounts of enjoyment. This rewrite will include a whole lot of game testing and include community ideas and suggestions. We will be announcing in the future exactly how you can participate in shaping the game and the features you really want to see incorporated. Stay tuned for more announcements about the development which should start at the end of summer.

Meanwhile watch the DISPATCH for new announcements regarding some of the fun stuff we have planned!

Major Command Risk Sheriff The Sheriff.

Game Clans Are Here

Risk Game Clans

Major Command Risk Game Clans

The game clans feature of Major Command Risk has largely been behind the scenes and only available to staff.  Well, no more.  We are opening it up to strategists and commanders.  We don’t have any huge plans for game clans just yet, but we just want to see what happens when they are public and open.  Is there enough demand for a formal clan league?  We will see.

What are the Game Clans about?

At the basic level, a clan is a group of players who are identified together.  They may be veterans, people from Ohio, real-time players, or just a group of guys and gals who want to dominate other players and clans.

Clans will get their own clan page and also their own private clan forum where only clan members can see and post.

There are two types of clans.  Social and Competitive.  If you are just looking for like-minded compatriots to hangout and play with, a social clan is for you.  If you are looking to be ‘on a team’ and compete, then you want a competitive clan.

You can be in multiple social clans at the same time, but only one competitive clan at the same time. Where do competitive clans compete?  I’m not sure yet!  This, like any new feature, is a test.  If a bunch of competitive clans form, then we can set up some sort of league.

Consider this a clan beta!

There may be bugs or issues with the clans as they have not been extensively tested.  Please let us know of any issues at first.  You can also let us know of feature requests, but they may not be a priority.

Requirements to start a clan!

To start a social or competitive clan you will need the follow:

  • Commander class.  (Strategist can join, but not start clans)
  • Four members minimum to start.  These members must have agreed to join prior to application.
  • A clan name, insignia and banner (details in the link below)

If you can pull those together, click this link to get started.  All clans must be approved by the Clan Director… which for now is me, Badorties.  If you have any questions, just ask in our forums.

Next on Major Command Risk?

Major Command Risk Bugs

So as many of you know, things haven’t been running smoothly in the Major Command Risk. This site is sorely in need of a game engine recode to live up to its full potential and get the hell out of beta. Over the past 6 months, I have set out to find the right developer who can accomplish this task.  After a few false and drawn out starts, we have a new recruit up to the task. Cory is an excellent developer, and will be dedicating his Christmas vacation to getting us out of beta. Future Plans for Major Command Risk

Major Command Risk

While there are some bugs around tournaments and some other issues, the single biggest issue is the game performance. The current code is not up to par and for a modern web game to take so long and crash so readily is unacceptable.

We’re going to try to avoid patching up our current problems and instead to start over on the nuts and bolts that make up the game experience. If you are interested in the details, we will be continuing using PHP but using Symfony or CakePHP, we’ll be changing to a Redis for live games, and MySQL for the historical data. Flash will be dumped for html5 using canvas as well as jQuery. If you are a developer with experience in any of the above and interested in participating, let me know.

This all begins around the week of Christmas holidays and I promise to update you all as I know more about the progress and development. I’m not going to put an exact time frame on it as I’ve found that’s often inaccurate, but will keep y’all in the loop.

In the meantime, we will try to manage the issues as best as we can. We’ll be keeping an eye on the servers and errant scripts. I apologize in advance for any future issues.

And for all those people who have supported Major Command Risk by becoming a subscriber … Santa has come a little early this year.

Thanks for everything,


Battle Of The Belt – Season 2

Battle Of The Belt

Battle Of The Belt

Well, Season 1 of the Battle of the Belt has concluded.  It was a bit of an experiment in terms of format and we have made some changes to make it run smoother in Battle of the Belt Season 2.  But first let’s congratulate your season 1 winners.  If you are unaware, these are the best of the best (in their weight class)  in playing 1v1… to be feared and respected.

battle of the belt heavy weight

battle of the belt middle weight

battle of the belt light weight

Season 2

This season will run the same as season 1 except we will be keeping scoreboard in the wiki instead of a forum post.  This will allow multiple people to track and officiate the belts which will make it a smoother ride.  We have also taken out some of the confusing queueing rules.  This season KungFuDuet will be the head official, but if you are interesting in officiating then please let KFD know.  We could use some help.

Belt battles are one of the rare opportunity to pick up some bonus points.  Not only do you get the normal points for a win but each attainment of the belt is 150 points and each defending of the belt is 50 points.  Season 2 winners will receive 300 points.

So if you have one it takes … then sign up!
Season 2, singles 1v1 signups

We are also running a doubles belt this time!
Season 2, doubles 2v2 signups

The deadline for signups is Sept 21st.